Many companies can provide a fire sprinkler system. At Jackson Sprinkler, we think it takes more than sprinklers and pipe to make a project successful. It takes a company committed to service, support, and solutions for their customers. We strive to build long term relationships with our customers. Here are just a few examples:

We have helped several customers maintain project schedules by coaching them through unfamiliar State Bureau of Fire Services approval processes. This support included informing them of their responsibilities in the process and helping them follow the steps needed to obtain their building approval.

We were able to help Hillsdale Hospital work through compliance issues while meeting the project scope for the best value. Through pre-bid building inspections and careful review of the project scope, we identified issues with the specified design that did not meet code requirements, and were able to eliminate a costly fire pump from the design saving the owner time and money on equipment that were not necessary to meet code requirements. We reduced costs by not installing an unnecessary fire pump.

A large manufacturing plant in Greenville, MI presented several design challenges. As part of a team with the owner, builder, and insurance company, we met the required design specifications and installation within the fast track parameters.

Working with Toltest Inc. of Maumee, OH, we were able to install the fire sprinkler system for a TSC store in one day to meet a tight deadline. We have now partnered with Toltest on fifteen TSC stores in the Midwest area.

To curb cost at Owosso Memorial Healthcare Center we entered into 3-D Coordination with other contractors to insure timely and cost effective completion.